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Explore Toubacouta's serene beauty in the Saloum Delta with canoe rides, wildlife spotting, and cultural experiences in this peaceful village near the Gambia border.

EXPLORE Toubacouta

Local attractions

Blend into the charm of the picturesque town
Eco Farm
Experience farms with a fresh fruit tasting journey
Local markets
Uncover the buzz and colors of market life
Fishing village
Village Missirah with gigantic fromager tree
Lute Show
Experience a captivating local lute performance
Traditional houses
Visiting traditional Senegal family in their home

EXPLORE hidden places in the river

Delta Saloum

Plage d'or
A magical beach between Gambia and Senegal
Sacred baobabs
A walk among the old baobabs on Shell Island
Sipo Island
Travel around the island of the Saloum Delta
Djinak Village
Discover charming settlements on the river
Bird Island
A true paradise for all bird watchers

Fathala Wildlife Reserve

Experience 4x4 off-road excursions across Fathala Wildlife Reserve

Walking with Lions
An amazing opportunity to interact with lions
local guides
Guided tours with the reserve staff
Bush Safari
Reserve tours on the back of a pickup truck
Wild animals
Explore the flora and fauna of southern Senegal
African nature
See the wild nature of Africa with your own eyes

Outdoor activities

Experience wild moments during unforgettable off-road adventures

Boat trip
Trips with traditional senegalese pirogue  
Enjoy time in the tranquil Sine Saloum Delta
Donkey ride
Through Toubacouta by donkey carriage
Local rituals
Observe the life of the local inhabitants
See the bird spectacle in a natural reserve
See the bird spectacle in a natural reserve
Sunset Show
Baobabs in the colors of the setting sun

Organised roadtrips

See the top attractions of Senegal and The Gambia

From Dakar's vibrant markets to the serene Saloum Delta
From the coastal of Banjul to the RiverGambia National Park

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