We take care of everything

Our goal is for every guest to say 'That was truly great!' after their stay. Visiting our hotel is meant to offer a one-of-a-kind and enjoyable adventure.

Chill zone under the palm

Our boutique hotel takes pride in our eco farm, a testament to our dedication to organic, farm-to-table dining.

Jacuzzi and pool

Enjoy ultimate relaxation with our exclusive water amenities, designed for a refreshing and luxurious experience.

Senegalese and European cuisine

Indulge in the blend of Senegalese and European cuisine, prepared by our skilled chef and local staff for a distinctive taste.

Bar with TV and various drinks

Unwind in our welcoming bar, where a TV keeps you entertained and an extensive drink menu caters to all preferences, from classic cocktails to local specialties.

Local staff

Manager, cook, bartender, cleaners, security and private gardener.​

BBQ area

A perfect spot for grilling and gathering under the stars, offering a memorable outdoor dining experience.

Special events

Make your special events memorable with a Senegalese flair—ideal for birthdays and anniversaries in our captivating setting.

Live music and fire show

Experience live music and fire shows that light up the night, creating a vibrant atmosphere for an unforgettable evening.

Creative workshops

Learn new things under the guidance of local masters

Lessons in learning to play the Senegalese djembe
Senegalese dance
Dance lessons with games
Attaya Tea Ritual
Find out how to prepare tea the Senegalese way

Other services

So you always feel comfortable

Room service

Manager, cook, bartender, cleaners, security and private gardener.

Washing service

All rooms with air conditioning and mousquetaires.

Printing service

Capturing the essence of being nurtured by nature and the novelty of unique experiences.

Airport shuttle

Reflecting the commitment to creating memorable experiences for guests while supporting local communities.

Taxi service

Showcasing the hotel's efforts to integrate local traditions and heritage into the guest experience.

Long distance call

Suggesting that a stay at the hotel offers deep cultural immersion and learning.

Safety deposit box

Utilize our safety deposit box service for secure storage of your valuables.