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What make us different

Only local staff

Experience genuine Senegalese hospitality, as La Teranga proudly employs only local staff.

Decorated in African style

Discover the essence of Africa in rooms adorned with unique pieces crafted by artisans from Toubacouta.

Products from eco farm

Indulge in fresh, sustainable dining with products sourced directly from our eco farm, embodying true fair trade practices.

Creative workshops

Engage your senses and creativity in our workshops, featuring drum playing and Wolof language lessons.

Chill out area under the palm

Relax and unwind in our serene chill-out area under the palm trees, a perfect spot for peaceful moments and leisure.

3 phase electricity

Experience uninterrupted comfort with our hotel's 3-phase electricity supply, ensuring reliable power for all your devices.

local attractions

Explore Toubacouta

Discover the vibrant heart of Senegal. Uncover the unique culture, wildlife, and adventures that await in this captivating region.


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