Explore the flavors of Senegal

Indulge in our boutique hotel's exclusive culinary experience, showcasing the rich and diverse flavors of Senegal. Savor authentic dishes crafted with love and tradition, right here in the heart of luxury.

Seafood treasure

Dive into our seafood selection, featuring fresh catches from the Atlantic, prepared with aromatic Senegalese spices.

Vegetable variety

Enjoy a palette of flavors with our vegetable dishes, featuring locally sourced produce cooked in authentic Senegalese style.

Grilled goodness

Enjoy the simplicity of perfectly grilled fish or meat, seasoned with Senegal's unique blend of spices, for a smoky delight.

Meat and fish fusions

Experience the perfect blend of meat and fish in our dishes, marinated and cooked with a symphony of spices and herbs.

Straight from Saloum Delta

Manager, cook, bartender, cleaners, security and private gardener.​

Find out what is fonio

Taste a nutritious ancient grain from West Africa, is prized for its nutty flavor and versatility in dishes.

Dessert discoveries

Indulge in our dessert selection, where traditional Senegalese sweets meet innovative creations, for a perfect end to your meal.

Order what you want

Craving something vegan? Want to order a European dish? Our chef and team are ready to take your custom order.

Local products at their best​

Fascinating journey through Senegal's colors and shapes

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own recipes
fresh fishes
bio products
african drinks
daily fishing

Taste the real Senegal

A culinary journey into the heart of african flavors

Biological products

Unlock the power of nature with our range of biological products, designed to enhance health and well-being.

Fresh fishes and sea food

Experience the freshness of Saloum Delta with our selection of fresh fish, sourced directly from pristine waters.

Vegan option

Delight in our vegan menu, featuring fresh, local produce crafted into dishes that blend Senegalese and global flavors.

Local drinks

Enjoy a taste of Africa with our local drinks, featuring traditional and modern blends that capture the continent's vibrant spirit.

Own barbecue

Where the finest fresh ingredients come together to create unforgettable flavors and moments.

Own kitchen staff

Experience the magic of our kitchen with a skilled chef and local culinary team.